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Our Services

All businesses strive to meet the demands and challenges of today’s world while maintaining good relationships with customers, staying relevant in the industry and keeping employees happy.


But what do you do when your old technologies or disparate, disconnected systems no longer fit the requirements of your organisation? This is where our team comes in.

Looking for a new ERP solution?

By working closely with you, learning about your business, discussing your current requirements and your future plans, we match our team members and their specialised skills with your company’s distinctive needs. This approach allows us to develop a solution that not only transforms your current operations but also shapes the way you move and operate in the future.

As we work across a variety of industries from Services to Manufacturing to Retail and many more, our shared “Noledge” can drive change across your entire organisation.

Has your ERP
implementation failed?

Again, this is where the Noledge Group can help.

Sage Intacct

Having an ERP Partner to implement your solution can bring many benefits such as knowledge and experience but what happens if you start to see some red flags or problems during the implementation process such as missed deadlines, your needs not being properly addressed or constant additional unseen costs? Or what if you have started to implement the software yourself and realised that it’s a much bigger job than you had originally thought?

Sage 200

If you have NetSuite, Sage Intacct, Sage 200 or one of the other Sage solutions but are not happy with the direction your implementation is taking, or feel that there is something missing, come and talk to our team. With over 20 years’ experience in this world across many different industries, we can discuss your needs with you in detail and work with you to share our “Noledge” and develop a solution that meets your satisfaction.

How we do it:

With experienced teams across sales, implementation, support, development, account management and more, we can help you reduce the risks and costs associated with an ERP deployment.

  • 1. Engagement
    Essentially, our team become a part of your team for the duration of your project. By starting off with a workshop and then mapping out the entire proposal from start to finish to ensure we have the best team available for each phase, we can execute your entire ERP implementation while ensuring business continuity and maximising value.
  • 2. Adaptation
    Your business won’t stand still, and neither should your ERP solution. And as happy as you are with your ERP implementation, continuous improvement is necessary to keep your organisation flowing and problems at bay.
  • 3. Vigilance
    Constant reflection on your processes rather than huge jumps at longer periods will help to identify and prevent any upcoming issues quicker and our project management and account management teams will be proactive in assisting you prevent setbacks.
  • 4. Implementation
    ERP implementation is undeniably a substantial undertaking. We’d advise you to tackle such a project with the principles of continuous improvement at the forefront, proceeding one step at a time.
What Makes Us Different

Client Insight

We take the time to understand prospective clients, their immediate needs, and their future aspirations.

Broad Partnerships

We have a clientele exceeding 400, including numerous renowned household brands, some of whom have enjoyed a partnership with our team spanning over two decades.

Strategic Execution

Our approach to implementation and change management adheres to industry best practices and proven methodologies.

Expert Consultants

Our Implementation and Support Consultants are a highly skilled and experienced team.

Passionate Expertise

We approach each project with genuine passion, enthusiasm, creativity, and expertise.

Enduring Dedication

Our commitment lies in long-term success, not fleeting victories. If we lack confidence in achieving a successful outcome, we won't engage in a process that wastes your time.

From Competitors

Excited for the challenge,
eager to chat with you!

The most important point we want to get across is that we care. We care about our customers. We care about your business and big or small, we care about your project. We want to bring value to you, not just move you from your old system to a new solution and then move on to a new project.


From direct debits and document management, to distribution and eCommerce, we can provide you with a range of complimentary software solutions that maximise the greatest benefits of Sage for your business. All you have to do is contact us to get started.



Our simple yet revolutionary solution helps retailers streamline their entire administration process.



Enjoy greater flexibility, agility and efficiency across everything from works orders to stock management.



Powerful and flexible solutions to manage your CRM, finance, order processing, inventory control and more.


Wholesale Distribution

Our industry-specific solutions reduce costs and provides real-time visibility across your organisation.



Solutions that provide a simple, seamless and holistic view of your employees from hire, through to retire.


Project Management

From idea to project delivery, our solutions give your business complete project visibility and control.


Custom Projects

Need a specialized solution for a complex problem? Our team can customize it for you.


Field Service Management

Our simple cloud-based solution automates tasks and provides a clear picture of profitability and performance.

The Noledge Group of Companies

From state-of-the-art cloud solutions to robust reporting capabilities, we offer a comprehensive range of tools to elevate your organization. Experience the true potential of our services and transform your operations today.


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Trusted by the best

At Noledge we believe in the strength of collaboration and the power of partnerships. Join us in our mission and be a part of a dynamic network of success.

Benefits to
Your Business

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A Customized Solution

Our applications integrate seamlessly with Sage 200, so they can be configured to your exact requirements.

A Worthy Investment

Our integrated apps are a long-term investment into your software and therefore into your business.

An Increased Productivity

Our integrated apps will increase your productivity across all areas of your business, as they can be built to suit any and all users.

Enjoy a coffee on us and see

Sage Intacct in action on our live demo

You will witness the depth and power of its reporting, gaining a greater understanding of how it provides financial visibility. Discover how it drives improved business performance and have your questions answered by experts.

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