About Us

Award Winning Sage Partner

Based in Dublin, Envisage have been delivering quality accounting and ERP projects to customers for the past two decades. Specialising in the mid-market with the Sage 200 and Sage Intacct product ranges, we work with an array of companies across a range of industries.


About Us

Who we are

The Noledge Group evolved from the merging together of two established businesses, each offering best-in-class ERP solutions: OSSM, a NetSuite Solution Provider and Envisage, a Sage 200 and Sage Intacct Partner.


Located in Dublin, the thriving tech hub of Europe, we’re a dedicated team of experienced, enthusiastic, and highly knowledgeable experts in NetSuite, Sage Intacct and Sage 200. Our wealth of expertise is channelled into developing distinctive solutions tailored to assist you in expanding, diversifying, consolidating, or automating your operations and processes.

Why should you consider talking to us?

We’re passionate about our “Right First Time” motto and include this in everything we do. We understand that each project is different, and one size does not fit all. So, for us, Right First Time means learning about your business, listening intently to your requirements and developing a solution that happens on-time and on-budget without the need for rework or replacement.

Our experience and business understanding allows us find simple solutions to complex problems. We have the know-how to connect and simplify processes, eliminate bottlenecks and automate manual data entry tasks to reduce workload and make your team more efficient.

Our Approach

While each company has different problems, we come at all of them the same way – partnership. By working closely together with you, we’re able to match our people and their expert skillset, to your company and its unique requirements.

Right First Time

We do a lot of hands-on research with you before every project to ensure we fully understand the issue you’re having and the solution you’re after, so we get it right first time.

People Buy From People

By working closely together with you, we’re able to match our people and their expert skillset, to your company and its unique requirements.

Stay Flexible

We can integrate a solution with your existing software system, configure it to work a particular way or customise a completely new one.

Sage Intacct

The latest cloud-offering from Sage, Sage Intacct is a powerful finance management solution which helps streamline finance operations into simple, organised processes. Suited to a range of sectors, Sage Intacct thrives within Service-based organisations.

Our Experience

No matter how good the solution you’re offering, people buy from people. Over the last twenty years, The Noledge Group has evolved from the coming together of two long-established cloud-solutions specialists. We joined forces because it made a lot of sense for us to utilise our brilliant people and work together to maximise their abilities.


Trusted by the best

At Noledge we believe in the strength of collaboration and the power of partnerships. Join us in our mission and be a part of a dynamic network of success.

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